What is a good tattoo gun speed?



Do you want to be a professional tattoo designer? Then it should be used with the best speed attached tattoo machine. There are many new designs, that do not know the exact speed of the tattoo machine. But if you want to start your professional career successfully then you need to understand the speed of a tattoo pen. A good quality tattoo needle can deliver speeds of 50 to 3,000 times per minute. You can emphasize the needs and preferences of the tattoo artist to select the speed. You can’t use a tattoo pen properly if you don’t have an idea of ​​how much speed to change to create a quality design. The most important aspects of a tattoo machine are tattoo color, speed, and needle angle. Choose a tattoo pen that can be controlled in any direction to work at the right speed.

Good tattoo power supply for gun speed

To get an idea of ​​tattoo gun speed you first need to understand some basic tattoo power supplies. There are different types of tattoo guns on the market, so how they perform will depend on the power supply. You may have noticed that the tattoo gun has a basic box which is a power switch. A typical tattoo gun has a phone jack and a phone jack for the foot pedal. It offers a knob to control the voltage.After you plug in the machine and the foot pedal, start the machine and start getting the required voltage.

Rotary Wireless Tattoo Machine Tattoo Gun can provide the best speed. By connecting a high-quality power supply to it, the tattooing process can be started.The wireless tattoo gun is designed to fit the human hand, so the grip feels comfortable and high speed when used.If you want the best speed for tattooing, use a tattoo gun with a DC-coreless German motor. The motor speed of this tattoo gun reaches up to 10060 Rpm.

Some of the best speed tattoo guns

  • Rotary Wireless Tattoo Machine Tattoo Gun.
  • XNET Titan Tattoo Pen with Strong Coreless Motor.
  • Rotary Wireless Tattoo gun with LCD Display.
  • Wireless Tattoo Machine Mast K2 Cartridge Needles Tattoo.
  • EZ Portex Gen2 VERSATILE Wireless Tattoo gun.
  • XNET TitanStrong Coreless Motor Wireless Tattoo gun.

The tattoo gun mentioned above can provide a 4.5-12V Working Voltage speed. Wireless tattoo pen machines are best suited to complete the tattooing process with the best speed. This tattoo pen does not spread the colors and helps to perfectly reflect on the surface.Be sure to consider the brand when selecting a tattoo gun. There are various types of local tattoo pens in the marketplace that will not give you effective results. Wireless tattoo pens have been able to gain worldwide popularity for long working hours. If you also want to enhance your professional career by using the best quality tattoo pen, then definitely consider Lumbuy tattoo machines.


Consider the Lumbuy brand as the easiest process to use a tattoo machine. A 12-volt power supply will help to draw tattoos with high speed.Today, customers prefer to do anything digitally that you can do with a wireless tattoo pen.


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