Read This to Know How to Ship a Car to or from any Military Base


    Find a car shipping firm that specializes in shipping military vehicles if you are a member of the armed forces and need to ship your POV (Privately Owned Vehicle) due to a transfer or active-duty deployment.

    Short-notice PCS orders can be difficult, but following the instructions in this post will help you through the military car shipment process without feeling overwhelmed.

    Ship a Car, Inc. always offers a preference service to military personnel, and reading the page will be very useful.

    The following are the 4 steps needed for military car shipping:

    1.      Get your orders

    Before making decisions about sending an automobile, you must get your orders. What entitlements you are eligible for and when you must begin will depend on your active-duty orders.

    2.      See if you are eligible for POV entitlements

    Utilize every dime that the federal government will provide to your PCS. Military members can often ship one POV at no cost to the government.

    3.      Find a certain military car shipping company

    There are many potential options available, and by spending sometime on the web, you find many service providers.

    4.      Use a few military vehicle transport tips

    By keeping in mind a few suggestions, you may frequently send your military vehicle for less money and stress:

    • Use your travel office
    • Talk to your colleagues
    • Keep all receipts
    • Apply for moving assistance grants

    The following are the documents required to ship your car overseas. All that you will need are:

    ·      Keys

    You must provide a set of keys for your car. It is a good idea to have a spare set created if you don’t already have one.

    ·       Registration and title

    Only original government documents must be used not copies.

    ·       Your photo ID

    When dropping off and picking up your car, you must present one piece of government-issued identification (ideally a passport).

    ·       Creditor statement

    You will need to provide a notarized document as proof that the financier or lessor of your financed or leased vehicle is aware that it is being delivered abroad.

    ·       Declaration of dangerous goods

    This document, which is necessary in many European nations, lists any potentially hazardous components of your car, like the battery.

    ·       Consignee form

    Your name, address, and phone number will be requested on this form (supplied by your shipper), along with details about your car’s make, model, year, and estimated market worth.

    ·       Shipper export declaration

    When shipments of goods worth more than $2,500 or those requiring a license to own or operate are made, the U.S. Census Bureau mandates the inclusion of this declaration.

    ·       Bill of sale

    When transporting a vehicle you bought abroad back to the United States, you must provide ownership documentation.

    Bear in mind that each port has its unique specifications, so you can be asked for additional paperwork or not require all the items on the aforementioned list.

    Consult your shipper to find out what the port and customs will need in order to process your package, and then confirm with your relocation office because service members can have different needs.


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